DMP Training UK

DMP Training

DMP Training UK

DMP Training provides technical training on International Financial Reporting Standards, USGAAP, Financial Regulation and Assurance to accountants in practice, accountants working in commerce, industry or the not-for-profit sector. Since formation, the Company has delivered over 2,000 days of training in the UK, throughout Europe, in the USA and elsewhere.

Some people may not consider accounting and auditing regulation to be the most thrilling of topics. However, DMP Training believe that all training can be engaging, interesting, practical and always worthwhile. More importantly, all financial regulation is about finance and business.

Exam training teaches you how to pass exams – how to grab the easy marks. How to score 50% +. But what if nothing less than 100% will do?

Accountancy training teaches you how to be an accountant. How to audit and prepare accounts; how to calculate the tax liability. But what if you are now working as special projects manager for an international investment bank?

Legal training teaches you the law, how to draft it, argue it, contest it and negotiate around it. But what if none of your clients are lawyers and all that concerns them are the business issues?

DMP Training  courses tell you what has happened not what you need to know.

DMP Training supports our trainings and provide quality assurance on some of our work.

DMP Training UK

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AccountMate has provided powerful and flexible accounting and business management software with source code available.